IDS iAccount

Managing your fleet throughout Europe 24/7 is easy!


How easy would it be to manage your cards wherever, whenever? With the free and online IDS iAccount you can control all your cards 24/7. You can manage every card at all times in your own, secured customer environment.

iAccount offers you all essential card management functionalities to ensure security and control of your cards throughout the entire network. So why not manage your fleet quick and easy too? Actions done on iAccount are immediately effective for the cards in your fleet so you can really be in control.

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To get access to your iAccount, contact your local customer support representative.

IDS iAccount benefits:
  • All actions immediately effective
  • Most used functionalities in one overview
  • Quick closing and opening countries/stations
  • Latest transactions immediately visible
  • Planning routes including the stations along the way
  • Find complete and relevant network information including station status
  • Check actual credit information
  • Control and distribute available liters at any time
  • View invoice summaries and recent payments
  • Tag and group customers for large structures
  • Order or download customised Drivers Guides
  • Customize permissions of all accounts and users
  • Manage subscriptions to f.e. reports, mailings, alerts, e-invoicing
  • Consult and export the prices for all stations
  • Easy Truckcard and Drivercard management

Please, let us show you how easy it is to manage your cards:

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