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Online Authorization system (OLA) for secure card acceptance with PIN code together with Closed Circuit TeleVision (CCTV) Camera protection system insuring greater control and enhancing IDS site security measures.



The IDS network offers 600 strategically located sites across all major road routes in Europe. The sites are open 24 hours per day and are easily accessible for trucks.



Card Security team fully dedicated to fight against fraud. IDS offers anti-fraud services in all three critical phases of fraud protection:
•    Fraud Protection Improvement: Analyse and improvement of IDS systems in order to detect and prevent fraud
•    Monitoring: A specialised program devoted to an ongoing evaluation of card transactions
•    Investigation: If a fraud is suspected or alleged, our team can perform all of the investigative services necessary




Well developed AdBlue network to meet the increasing truckers demand to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.




The IDS NOVI service offers IDS customers in the E.C trouble-free invoices net of VAT. The VAT charge is effectively paid by IDS and reclaimed from the relevant VAT Authorities by IDS.


IDS web tool (iAccount) designed to help customers manage their account.



Customised card program that gives the customer the choice to fill in selected sites and/or selected countries. It also gives the customer the possibility to personalise card usage by setting your own volume limits. This will give customers control over drivers lifting and help prevent card misuse.


24-hour Helpline designed to help drivers and managers secure a rapid response in the event of emergency lifting outside office hours services.


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