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Are you an IDS cardholder and facing difficulties fuelling at our locations? Please contact:

00800 56 56 56 56

When you cannot connect to the IDS Helpline on the number above, please use:

0032 (0) 27 72 01 17

Are you an IDS customer and need immediate assistance? Please contact our international helpline and we will do all we can to help you get back on your way as soon as possible.

IDS offers a 24-hour a day Helpline for the use of IDS cardholders should they encounter difficulties fuelling at any IDS sites. The Helpline can be called outside of office hours or when a driver is outside their home country.

Dedicated operators provide advice & assistance in 13 languages. Calls to the IDS Helpline are free of charge from most European countries from landlines.

Please note that the Helpline cannot assist with breakdown/mechanical services including towing.


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